Decentralizing the system through technology

Decentralization is key to solving some of the most complex problems like climate change, supply chain disruptions, digital identity, data sharing across multiple stakeholders to name but a few. Decentralization can be achieved through systems innovation and the use of so called “trustless” technologies that guarantee the integrity of data and code.

Systems innovation takes a different approach than product or process innovation. We need to understand the complex interactions between the elements of the system first. Then we can use leverage points to start innovating the system. We innovate through technology, more precisely technology that allows for complexity. The core of these technologies is that they guarantee the integrity of data and code.

We help our clients with systems innovation through classical strategy and technology consulting and by leveraging our expertise in decentralized technology. We start by jointly examining and mapping the system, then defining a dot-on-the-horizon. Next we create a roadmap to achieve this by defining the leverage points in the system. It is around those leverage points that we design a decentralized solution. We help to set up a co-innovation space and manage the development of the solution. Last but not least we coordinate the implementation of the solution through the development of a go-to-market strategy and executing this.

Our approach

Defining the “dot-on-the-horizon”

Which problems need to be addressed that require decentralization and what is the desired outcome on a longer time horizon. We map this through a short series of workshops and/or a multi-day strategy design sprint. This delivers real results in a limited amount of time.

Solution design and prototype building

Design the organizational and technical solution required to achieve the desired results defined in the strategy in the previous step.

Designing the co-innovation organization

Most system redesign projects require co-innovation with key stakeholders in the value chain. We define the co-innovation project and can help set up and run  the organization of it.

Building the Minimum Viable Product

We can help select the right tech vendors who can build the solution envisioned. We manage the development process in an agile way and we oversee timely delivery of the solution.

Implementing the MVP

Technical development is important and time-consuming but ensuring the right implementation is equally important. We help to determine the right go-to-market approach and implement it.