What We do

Strategy Development

Decentralised technologies’ transformative nature requires a deep understanding of their (potential) impact on your industry and organisation. We develop a strategic positioning and roadmap that offers a coherent approach.

Executive briefing

C-level executives want to understand what decentralised tech means for their company, competitors, and industry. We deliver in-house presentations and workshops to give you needed context and the insight advantage.

Use Case Design

Decentralised tech only makes sense if it is used for solutions to real problems. We have explored dozens of use cases and know what makes sense. Our approach leverages design thinking to efficiently assess opportunities and architect initial application design.

Solution development

Once a use case is defined, we adopt an agile approach to solution development — including at the proof-of-concept (PoC), minimum viable product (MVP), or later stages. We work as architects, solution designers, and project managers with any vendor of your choice, can undertake technical and commercial due diligence of third-party vendors, or we can recommend trusted partners to work with from our ecosystem.

Consortium building

With any industry innovation, consortia help accelerate adoption, address common challenges, and develop standards. We help shape a shared purpose, assemble the right partners, design an initial roadmap, make informed tech choices, and kickstart efforts by leading the consortium on an ‘ad interim’ basis.

Temporary in-house team

All individual services can also be delivered in the form of a temporary in house team. This helps to gain scale and knowledge quickly without adding the fixed operational expenses of permanent hires. We transfer our knowledge to internal people that can take over to ensure the knowledge and skills are incorporated into your organisation in the longer term.

Technical & commercial due diligence

We help investors make informed decisions by bringing in our technical and commercial expertise to assess a target company.

Who Worked For

Great organizations

Our Expertise

At Warren Brandeis we work in a wide range of industries and functional domains but our focus is on Energy, Climate, Transportation, Supply Chains, Healthcare, Agriculture and Finance.


An industry in which decentralised technology plays an important role in creating cryptographic proofs of provenance, whether it’s for biofuels, hydrogen or green energy. Decentralised technology also plays a role as a new operating system for distributed electricity grids.


Connected vehicles interacting with each other and with smart devices for toll, parking or traffic regulation are being introduced everywhere. Decentralised technology allows for situation- based rules to be deployed at scale while maintaining privacy and security.


This industry has a need for secure, confidential data sharing like no other. Leveraging strong cryptography like zero knowledge proofs and multi-party computation allows digital healthcare to enter the 21st century while keeping patients in charge of their own privacy.


Payments were the first application of blockchain technology and remain an important use case. Financial applications have expanded into a variety of decentralised finance solutions from tokenized assets to distributed KYC solutions.


Per definition a problem space where solutions need to embrace the complexity and one where decentralised technology can play an important role. Whether in guaranteeing the integrity of carbon credits or as a (trans) national or global CO2 accounting tool.

Supply Chains

Simple supply chains have grown into complex cross-border networks that are hard to coordinate centrally. Distributed ledger technology can allow supply chain partners to look deeper into the chain, also allowing for innovative financing solutions.


Worldwide agriculture and food supply chains are extremely complex, intransparent and vulnerable to disruption. Decentralised technology is increasingly employed for verifiable proofs about provenance and sustainability of food, and for improving robustness of global food supply chains.