Contracting Entity: ZeroSix LLC
Start Date: January 2022
End Date: Ongoing

project description

Oil and gas wells in the lowest production category yielding less than 1 barrel of oil equivalent per day in the United States produce just 0.2% of oil and 0.4% of gas, yet account for a disproportionately massive 11% of annual methane emissions from all U.S. oil and gas production. Scientists estimate that 60% of the world’s oil & gas reserves must be left in the ground—unextracted and unburned—through 2050 to stay within earth’s carbon budget. Yet, at present no method has proven effective to realise the shutting in of oil and gas wells at scale.

ZeroSix offers a digital tool for project developers in the oil and gas industry to create compliant-by-design and independently verifiable carbon credits by shutting in operating oil and gas wells using blockchain. The ZeroSix tool is initially focused on the oil and gas industry but will expand to other carbon credit use cases to offer transparent and compliant-by-design credits.

Warren Brandeis role

Through a series of workshops, research and an intense one week design sprint Warren Brandeis helped the client turn their idea into a value proposition and a design for a solution. Following the value proposition definition, we helped set up operations to bring the value proposition to market. Using our temporary in-house team offering, Warren Brandeis key personnel fulfilled several roles for ZeroSix, including project management, product development, as well as serving as the linking pin between business and development.

To this day, we continue serving as interim executives by fulfilling the roles of Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

key challenges

  • Develop a true decentralized solutions leveraging state-of-the-art Web3 technologies

  • Bridge the gap between the traditional oil & gas sector with decentralized technologies

  • Create compliant by-design and independently verifiable carbon credits