Contracting Entity: ZeroSix LLC
Start Date: January 2022
End Date: Ongoing

project description

For 150 years of the modern oil and gas industry, the focus has been on surfacing, refining, and burning fossil fuels as the foundation of energy and economic prosperity. The evolution of modern renewable energy technologies such as solar PV and wind, plus the growing urgency of the climate crisis, mean that the next century and beyond of energy prosperity can and must look very different from the fossil-fueled growth the world has known until now. Yet, effective methods for large-scale closures of polluting wells are still elusive.

Carbon credits could be such a method and generally are a vital component in the decarbonization toolkit. They serve as an incentive for reducing fossil fuel usage, helping companies bridge the gap between decarbonization targets and their current capabilities.

However, the voluntary carbon market (VCM) is scrutinized due to transparency issues, concerns about carbon credit quality and additionality, and difficulties in project verification, leading to a trust crisis intensified by numerous scandals.

ZeroSix offers a solution, transforming these challenges into opportunities to combat climate change. The digital tool assists oil and gas project developers in creating compliant-by-design and independently verifiable carbon credits by shutting in operational wells, utilizing blockchain and IPFS technologies. It also aids operators in producing transparent, reliable proofs of leaving fossil fuels underground. We’re tapping into the power of voluntary carbon markets to incentivise operators to permanently close wells and convert their shut-in reserves into carbon credits.

While initially targeting the oil and gas sector, ZeroSix aims to expand to other industries, offering transparent and compliant carbon credits. In October 2023, ZeroSix is set to create the first 300,000 carbon credits with this innovative tool

Warren Brandeis role

Through a series of workshops, research and an intense one week design sprint Warren Brandeis helped the client turn their idea into a value proposition and a design for a solution. Following the value proposition definition, we helped set up operations to bring the value proposition to market. Using our temporary in-house team offering, Warren Brandeis key personnel fulfilled several roles for ZeroSix, including project management, product development, as well as serving as the linking pin between business and development.

To this day, we continue serving as interim executives by fulfilling the roles of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

key challenges

  • Develop a true decentralized solutions leveraging state-of-the-art Web3 technologies

  • Bridge the gap between the traditional oil & gas sector with decentralized technologies

  • Create compliant by-design and independently verifiable carbon credits