Contracting Entity: Platform Hernieuwbare Brandstoffen
Start Date: March 2021
End Date: November 2021

project description

In our transition to a sustainable economy we need to lessen and eventually eradicate our dependence on fossil fuels. Part of this transition is the use of biofuels which are both renewable and are estimated to emit more than 80% less greenhouse gases. In contrast to fossil fuels, which are exhaustible resources, biofuels are produced from renewable feedstocks. A key challenge in this transition is traceability. Since fuels are often a mix from different sources it is challenging to provide a transparent provenance trail.

In collaboration with the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, parties in the biofuel supply chain, a regulator, policy makers and a tech partner we helped develop the Clean Fuel Contract concept. 

The concept is based on matching sustainability information of biofuels as close as possible to the actual molecules in a supply chain from the point of collection of feedstock to the vehicle tank. Information will be traced throughout the supply chain and immutably anchored on a blockchain, enabling sustainability claims to be accurate end-to-end and transparent.

Warren Brandeis role

Warren Brandeis helped bring together a group of stakeholders in the biofuels industry to define the main issues and jointly design a solution. In our role at the Dutch Blockchain Coalition served as the project lead, bringing together and leading the consortium – consisting of a regulator, an interest group and an oil & gas company. We helped define and design a solution which was built into a clickable demo.

key challenges

  • Create the required decentralized governance of the platform

  • Traceable and independently verifiable audit trails

  • Design of vendor-agnostic platform architecture