Contracting Entity: CarePay
Start Date: December 2021
End Date: March 2022

project partners

Warren Brandeis collaborated with key stakeholders within the Care Pay organisation, such as health care, health care insurance professionals and strategy leads.

project description

The African healthcare system suffers from a general lack of trust and a high rate of fraud. Insurance payers don’t trust participants in the system, whilst participants distrust the hospital, and hospitals in turn don’t trust the payers. This lack of trust and transparency are factors in the low amount of prepaid insurance coverage which leads to limited liquidity in the system. Together leading to a vicious circle. On the other hand, many countries in Africa have a strong and well-functioning tradition of local communities working together, solving challenges decentrally and without intermediation. This tradition of Harambee, literally translated as “all put together” or “let’s work together”, has so far not interfaced at scale with the more centrally orchestrated healthcare industry in Africa.

A decentralised architecture of the healthcare system in Africa, that matches local practices, can help solve some of these challenges. Decentralised technologies can increase the integrity of the healthcare system by introducing verifiability and traceability in a system that is characterized by opaqueness and distrust. Simultaneously, helping better facilitate what already works in the continent: mutual aid and local solutions. When insurance payers can see in an immutable manner when and how their money is being used they are much more likely to contribute. Together this can help set the “healthcare flywheel” in motion, with improved traceability leading to an increase in trust, which in turn increases health care coverage and improves liquidity in and effectiveness of the system.

Warren Brandeis role

Warren Brandeis helped CarePay in creating a vision, business case, and roadmap for the use of blockchain technology in healthcare. Specifically related to Carepay’s strategy and products with an emphasis on Mutual Aid and Personal Health Record.

Together we identified three potential areas for the use of decentralised technologies in the healthcare market:

  1. mutual aid in the healthcare system,
  2. transparent money flows, and
  3. decentralised claims handling and settlement.

key challenges

  • Scale well-functioning local practices and allow them to interface efficiently with a healthcare system plagued with distrust and fraud

  • Set a strategy for the use of decentralised technologies and practices in a complex market