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How can you tell if someone has gotten their hands dirty in a blockchain project?

Ask them to list some of the difficulties they encountered during implementation or roll-out.

As much as we love to develop strategies and design concepts that use decentralized technologies, we don’t leave our clients only with nice powerpoints just to head off to the next project. If a client wants -and mostly they do- we help implement the strategy or concept as well.

And as anyone knows, this is when the real work starts. Implementing what you came up with in workshops and design sprints is not always straightforward. Let’s take key management for example. “Not your keys, not your money” is a phrase often heard with crypto people. And rightfully so.

Recentralization is one of the pitfalls in blockchain projects.

Preventing this is easier said than done, especially when dealing with large publicly traded companies or any other organization which is held to strict rules and regulations around treasury. Setting up a key management system is a tedious and often frustrating task in deploying a blockchain solution in a large organization. Are there alternatives? Yes, there are custodian services and key management services that pop up left and right. And they are good to deploy a project fast but it cannot be a permanent solution if you’re serious about decentralization.

And while corporate treasurers, risk managers and others in large organizations often react very defensive in the first instance when confronted with key management, explaining its function and devising ways to set it up in line with regulations mostly gets them across the line.

And this is just one of the “hurdles” we get confronted with when implementing decentralized technology projects. There are bigger fish to fry, just think of legacy IT systems or legacy processes.

So an important question you need to ask yourself when hiring someone to design and implement your solution: have they actually gotten their hands dirty?

We have.

In dozens of projects.

Want to learn more? Reach out to one of us, we’d be happy to share our experience and expertise with you.