Trusted Advisors for the Trustless Era

What We Do

We are independent experts in decentralised technologies, including “trustless” approaches such as Web3 and blockchain. We’ve built a proven track record advising leading corporations and agencies, helping them tackle large-scale problems by harnessing the latest digital innovations.

The origin of our name

Samuel Warren and Louis Brandeis were prominent American lawyers during the late 19th century. Together they wrote “The Right to Privacy,” which appeared in an 1890 issue of Harvard Law Review. The article was a reaction against perceived invasions of social privacy and today is considered one of the most influential essays in the history of American law.

Now in the 21st century, their focus on privacy — and the tension between the breakdown of social privacy and the preservation of individual privacy — is as relevant as ever. The digital information age has brought familiar issues back into the spotlight, now focused on data privacy and information use, rather than solely individuals’ privacy.

Decentralised technologies help to rebalance information asymmetries, restore data privacy and trust, and make possible new approaches to data access and sharing. In other words, they simultaneously re-establish data privacy, while enabling broad, frictionless, need-to-know data access when and where appropriate — with the permission of data owners.

We think Warren and Brandeis would approve.

Who We Are

Meet our Team


Arno Laeven

Active in blockchain and enterprise since 2015. Founder and lead of blockchain teams at Royal Dutch Philips and Royal Dutch Shell. Advisor to Bosch, KLM and executive role at Energy Web Foundation. Expert reviewer for European Commission Horizon 2020 on blockchain.


Jacob Boersma

Former senior manager at Deloitte, founder of the blockchain team. Active in cryptocurrency and blockchain tech since 2011. Expert in security, digital payments and decentralised digital identity. Advisor to the Dutch government, financial institutions, and the United Nations.


Ioannis Vlachos

Advisor in digital transformation to energy utilities worldwide. Active in blockchain and enterprise since 2015. Contributing member in European and international standardisation bodies. Technical expert in energy, telecommunications, eMobility and transportation and advisor in several startups.


Guus Visman

Former competition economist turned blockchain consultant. Previous experience includes enforcement official at the Authority for Consumer and Markets in (big tech) competition law cases and as a project advisor at the Dutch Blockchain Coalition. Special passion for new economy initiatives and empowering technologies.

Economist & industrial engineer

Oliver Beige

Active in blockchain since 2011. Economist and industrial engineer working on new technology assessment and digital business models since 1995. Previously at SAP Innovation Center, EIT Digital, Mercedes-Benz R&D Silicon Valley, Bosch Telecom. PhD (UC Berkeley) in Innovation Economics. Consults blockchain and digital startups.

Tech entrepreneur & advisor/investor

Victor Straatman

Tech entrepreneur and advisor/investor. Active in cryptocurrency and blockchain tech since 2013. Founded ventures in Canada (sustainable protein) and the Netherlands (full-service digital agency) and currently EIR in venture capital (4impact.vc).